Namibia RiDK: Scope ready for operations

After what seemed an eternity weather in Namibia turned to what we love it for: Cloud-free and clear, from May to September/October we rarely loose a night due to weather. However, there are sometimes other reasons that stop us from imaging.

For some unknown reason our scope seemed to have lost it’s collimation (which we did not expect knowing the built quality of the Officina Stellare scope). So I went on site to check it, and guess what I’ve found: The remainder of a bird’s nest was sitting under the main mirror cell! While we were unable to figure out which bird exactly has been tempted by our scope, he sure was a good engineer, as he laid his nest’s foundations under the main mirror, causing it to not lay correctly in his cell.

Tivoli SUnset

Luckily we were able to solve this mistery right for the begin of imaging season in the Southern Skies 🙂