1. November 2015

Online Telescope Network

What Is This

Sky Gems Observatory Network is a network of remotely controllable professional-grade telescopes run by experienced astronomers, covering both the southern and northern Hemisphere. As we use state-of-the-art technology, both for our mounts and optics, the resulting data is of an extremely high quality and good value for both the experienced astrophotographer and scientist gathering data.


Because we love astronomy and astrophotography. However, the climate is not always on our side, so we started to look for useful ways of doing astrophotography even when it’s cloudy in our backyard. We started with an observatory in rural Namibia, under some of the darkest skies on the world, and soon added two observatories in two different parts of Europe to have more alternatives.

Our observatory network

Southern Sky Gems Namibia Veloce (under installation)Sky Gems Spain NewtonSky Gems Spain VeloceSky Gems Namibia iDK 



MountAstrosysteme Austria DDM60PROAstrosysteme Austria DDM85XLAstrosysteme Austria DDM60PROAstrosysteme Austria DDM85XL
OpticsOfficina Stellare Veloce 200RH (f 3.0, 600mm)14.5” Newton (Alluna Optics Mirror) f3.8 with ASA Wynne correctorOfficina Stellare Veloce 200RH (f 3.0, 600mm)20” AG Optical iDK
CCDQHY600FLI MicroLine 16200M with AutoguiderSBIG STF-8300MFLI Proline 16803
FiltersBaader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)Baader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)Astrodon parfocal Gen II filters (LRGB and 5nm narrowband Ha)Baader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)
Effective imaging dataFOV: 3.40° x 2.30°
Resolution: 1.22″/pixel
Focal length: 600mm
Focal ratio: f/3.0
FOV: 1.17° x 0.94°
Resolution: 0.93″/pixel
Focal length: 1330mm
Focal ratio: f/3.6
FOV: 1.71° x 1.29°
Resolution: 1.86″/pixel
Focal length: 600mm
Focal ratio: f/3.0
FOV: 37.20′ x 37.20′
Resolution: 0.52″/pixel
Focal length: 3400mm
Focal ratio: f/6.7
Control optionsManual and CCD AutopilotManual and CCD AutopilotManual and SequencerManual and Sequencer (Autopilot)

Field of View compared

FOV Skygems Network

Field of View indicators of our different scopes (Image credit: DSS2)

The benefits

Our observatories, being in several different locations and accessing both the northern and southern skies, offer basically year-round good observing conditions. Most of the times at least one of our systems has good weather for a night worth of data. In addition we have access to the southern skies as well as the northern ones.
Another very important fact is that we run these observatories from our own commitment, so that we are not really aiming to get rich by renting them – we actually would like to cover our costs (like the maintenance from time to time, exchange of faulty parts and so on). So one big benefit are our rates. Compare us to our main competitors: What you pay there for less than one hour of data, with us you get a full night of data!

Comparison to other offers

Go to iTelescope and look at their hourly rates. Then back to us:

Hourly Ratebetween 60 € and 200 €, depending on scope25 €
Nightly rate (full night)from 600 € upwards (if available)180 € (for 10 hours of pure data)
Used MountsAP, BisqueASA, AP
Availability of timeDepending on the choosen scope, might not be enoughas soon as weather permits

How to book?

Write us at info@skygemsobservatories.com or book straight here online.