7. November 2015

SkyGems Dolomites

SG Dolomites

Location: Italian Alps
North 46° 33′ :  East 11° 43′   Elevation: 1490m
SQM Values usually around 21.1

Equipment data

MountAstrosysteme Austria DDM60
Optics12″ ASA Newton with corrector, f3.6
CCDMoravian G3 16200
FiltersBaader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)
Effective imaging dataFOV: 1.43° x 1.15°

Resolution: 1.15″/pixel

Focal length: 1080mm

Focal ratio: f/3.6

Control OptionsManual and Sequencer (Autopilot)


Sky Gems Dolomites is located among the Italian Alps, in a rather dry region. Especially in winter time (October-April) the skies tend to be very dark with good seeing.