7. November 2015

SkyGems Namibia iDK

Southern Sky Gems Observatory iDK , Nambia

Location: Hakos Farm, Namibia
South 23° 14′ :  East 16° 22′   Elevation: 1832m
SQM Values usually around 22

Equipment data

MountAstrosysteme Austria DDM85XL
Optics20” AG Optical iDK
CCDFLI Proline 16803
FiltersBaader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)
Effective imaging dataFOV: 37.20′ x 37.20′   

Resolution: 0.55″/pixel

Focal length: 3400mm

Focal ratio: f/6.7

Control OptionsManual and Sequencer (Autopilot)

The Southern Sky Gems Observatory – is a fully remote controlled observatory, located under some of the best astroimaging skies on earth – close to the Gamsberg in Namibia. Operating under some of the best skies on earth, far from any light pollution and at an altitude of about 1800m, this is the perfect spot for your data gathering dream.