7. November 2015

SkyGems Spain Newton

SG Spain Newton

Location: Nerpio, Spain
North 38° 09′ :  West 002° 19′
Elevation: 1650m
SQM Values usually around 21.7

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Sky Gems Spain is our current first choice for fast imaging with shorter focal ratio. The slightly lower resolution per pixel usually is not a problem. The skies here are very good over most of the year, with 287 useful nights in 2014! The seeing is also among the bests, peaking around 1.5” FWHM. The scope has been custom made for us and is rock-solid, needs very few focus adjustments and – thanks to our mount – one can change very quickly between different targets.

MountAstrosysteme Austria DDM85XL
Optics14.5” Newton (Alluna Optics Mirror) f3.8 with ASA Wynne corrector
CCDFLI MicroLine 16200M with Autoguider
FiltersBaader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)
Effective imaging dataFOV: 1.17° x 0.94°
Resolution: 0.93″/pixel
Focal length: 1330mm
Focal ratio: f/3.6
Control optionsManual and CCD Autopilot