29. November 2015

SkyGems Spain Veloce

SG Spain Veloce 200RH

Location:  Spain
North 38° 09′ :  West 002° 19′
Elevation: 1650m
SQM Values usually around 21.7

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Sky Gems Spain Veloce 200RH is our upcoming system for very fast imaging. Being located in a very dark and pristine location, and mounted on an ASA DDM60 mount, it can track across the entire sky and image most of the times without guiding. The “RH” version of this awesome optical tube is very temperature resilent, so that as good as no refocusing is needed during a night.

MountAstrosysteme Austria DDM60
OpticsOfficine Stellari Veloce 200RH f/3 (600mm focal lenght)
CCDFLI MicroLine 8300M
FiltersAstrodon Gen2 parfocal filter set (LRGB and narrowband Ha)
Effective imaging dataFOV: 1.71°x 1.29°
Resolution: 1.86″/pixel
Focal length: 600mm
Focal ratio: f/3.0
Control optionsManual and CCD Autopilot