7. November 2015

Our rates & How to Book

Our rates

We decided to keep our rates simple and straightforward, so basically you can book on a per-night basis, with some additional reductions if you buy larger blocks of nights.

For all rates you can choose which telescope you want to use, and you can switch to another scope on that night if the weather is bad (using several locations has it’s benefits, after all) and the other scope is available.

The actual rates are as follows:

  • 1 night: 75 Euro
  • block of 5 nights: 350 Euro
  • block of 10 nights: 650 Euro
  • block of 20 nights: 1200 Euro

Compare this to other services. You get full access to your collected data as well as to all calibration frames (we are storing them, both the RAW’s as the combined files). Once imaged, your data will be available from our Dropbox datastore so that you can easily get it downloaded to your computer while imaging.

Existing data discount

You can also buy existing data from our archive (if available), this would be charged with a flat fee of EUR 37,50 for 10 hours of imaging time.

How to book

Simply use the Paypal payment button below, selecting the quantity you need.

Telescope nights

Ok, I have booked, what next

We will contact you shortly to fix all details. You can of course send us a plan on what you want to get imaged – acceptable formats are simple lists, or better: ACP or RTML plans.

We will monitor the imaging process throughout the night, and you can also connect to the observatory if you wish to keep an eye on it.